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hetalia_connect's Journal

Axis Powers Hetalia RP Connect
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A place where Hetalia rpers meet!


The purpose of this community is to bring those who roleplay Hetalia characters together. Anything and everything that pertains to Hetalia and roleplaying is allowed here, so join and get posting!

To make things easier for everyone, fill out this introductory survey and post it in the community:

By no means are you required to answer every question or fill it out in the first place, but it would be extremely helpful if you did. Feel free to alter the form in any way to include anything else I might've missed.

All posts are set to members only. This is because emails and messenger screen names will/might be posted and this way we can avoid random people finding emails/etc.


-Before posting your introduction, please tag your entry with whatever characters you play (country names only!). It'll be easier to track down someone who plays a character you'd like to find. If I've missed a character (which I probably have;;) let me know and I'll add a tag ASAP.

-Please play nice. This is a friendly environment, let's not ruin that!

-Yaoi, yuri, het, gender bending, and all that jazz are all welcome here! :DDD

-Feel free to pimp RP communities here as well. Please use an LJ-cut for images larger than 300 x 300 pixels!

-Please direct questions to me! I'll do my best to answer them in a timely manner.

-Have fun meeting new people and rping~!

Want to share your hetalia_connect post?

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It will look like this ->

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Thanks to shutupred for making the code! :DDDD